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Converting DSLogic Basic to Plus

August 12, 2020
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I bought a DSLogic Basic USB Logic Analyzer a few years back. It has worked perfectly fine for my use cases. Recently I’ve begun using a Ubuntu desktop more than my Macbook laptops in the workshop, and when it came to installing the DSView software I stumbled upon the weird fact that DreamSourceLab seem to consider their old products unsupported, and they cannot use any newer version than 0.99.

While figuring this out (no, it’s not spelled out anywhere I can see when downloading the software) I stumbled upon some forum threads detailing how the only difference between DSLogic Basic and DSLogic Plus is 256Mbit RAM and changed values in an EEPROM.


The RAM chip (MT48LC16M16A2P-6A) is $1.5 imported from China, or $10 from within Europe. I went with LittleDiode in the UK and had it in just a few days.


8 screws later.


Apply solder paste.


While using the hot air station to melt the paste, also remove the eeprom.


The previously modded TL866 works just fine to read out what was in my case an ST M24128.

Search and replace 0E 2A 21 00 for 0E 2A 20 00 (two places). Can be done directly in the MiniPro software. Write back the changed contents to the eeprom and put it back in.


Congratulations! You now have a DSLogic Plus.


Look at that massive capture buffer. I have absolutely no idea what I will ever need it for.

Oh, and no. The DSLogic Plus with this hardware revision isn’t supported by anything newer than v0.99 of the DSView software either – which was what I was hoping for. Oh well.

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