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Wireless phone charger – Tesla

August 11, 2020

Love the Tesla Model 3. When I got it I thought the clever way to route a charger cable up from the front USB ports was nice, but after a while I got real tired of having to poke the phone onto the plug whenever I got in the car.

The Tesla M3 subreddit had a thread about adding Qi wireless phone charging to the front compartment, and there seemed to be no real competition to the product from TapTes. I’ve now had it installed for a few days and it really is completely seamless. Whenever I place the phone down in the car it charges, and the installation was relatively straight forward.

On my commute is a section of freeway that’s often backed up. I let Autopilot deal with that, while I go on working through the phone (of course hands-free, officer!). Topping it up whenever possible becomes a must.

Now I just need to find some way of wirelessly charging the Tesla itself.

Stock, with a third party 90 degree angled charger cable.

The new charger plate with its USB power cables fitting the stock holes down into the compartment.

Qi charger plate installed, still without the stock bottom slide cover.

I keep my car messy. It’s a vehicle, not a showroom. Anyway, this photo shows their Y-cable solution where you still have access to two front USB ports even though they also power the wireless charger. Also in this image is a Raspberry Pi Zero running the awesome teslausb sync-thingie.

I scratched my head for a while trying to use my iPhone to take a photo of my iPhone being wirelessly charged, but had to give up and use a Huawei. In reality this looks good.

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