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Atari ST chiptune plugin for VLC

October 13, 2015

update 2018-02-09: VLC 3.0 has just been released. Here’s a compatible version of the plugin (same source revision as before).

update 2017-03-18: Link updated with fresh build (VLC 2.x).

A few weeks ago I spent some time with the excellent sc68 software written by Benjamin Gérard (Ben/Overlanders). It’s a suite of software that can faithfully reproduce the workings of the YM2149 sound chip in the Atari ST and convert/play songs made for it. Additionally, which was the reason I took a look at it, Ben had made a VLC compatible plugin.

Since the Mac sorely lacks a competent playlist capable Atari ST music player (XSC doesn’t do playlists, Audio Overload isn’t fully compatible) I was really interested to see if the *nix support in sc68 was enough for me to be able to compile a working plugin for OS X as well.

It was. Enjoy. (I am! Thanks Ben :))


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  1. MaanuAir permalink
    July 28, 2017 12:46

    Hi Troed,

    I just tried it, and it works so well, many-many thanks for that!

    A little tip that may be helpful for others (and that I did find immediately – maybe not obvious): one can select the song to play in a given “multi-song” sc68 file.
    => Just select it in VLC > Playback > Chapter.

    Thanks again, you made my day ;-) !

  2. T_U permalink
    March 29, 2018 10:25

    Hi ! Hehe, I used to use sc68 13 years or so :-) By any chance, do you know if your plugin could be easily built for VLC over Linux too ? Cheers !

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