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Will the “free” net survive 2007?

March 10, 2007

Targeted trojans – businesses connected to the Internet, no matter what A/V-solutions and firewalls they use – are at the risk of having their internal information extracted

Peer 2 Peer video – this will completely kill the bandwidth home users think they are paying for, but doesn’t really exist if they all try to use it all at once

Nationwide blocking of domains due to different laws – this could fragment the Internet into “the internets” sooner than we think

It’s plausable that social networking sites become the first to offer their own “in” – tunneled through various means. We might become accustomed to not being able to reach all of the Internet, due to bandwidth contention outtage.

It’s also plausable that some companies start to restrict access to the Internet completely, even though it’s considered to be crucial when selecting employer by people who have grown up with the net.

Which darknet do you use?

[this post brought to you de-linkified. my part of the net cannot currently link to your part of the net]

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