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Overscan and sync scrolling

December 23, 2015

This last weekend me and many others were participating at the third incarnation of the STNICCC Atari ST conference. The first and original one was held in 1990 – where sadly I didn’t attend – and the second one was held as a reunion in the year 2000. Back then they joked about meeting up again in the far far away future of 2015.

… and that happened. Me and two others from my old demo crew had written a brand new demo that we showed at the demo competition, and additionally I had been asked by the organizer to do a talk on the latest findings with regards to two of the Atari ST’s more magical demo tricks – overscan and sync scroll.

The talk was recorded, and I’ve uploaded a version where I’ve tried to clean up the audio to Youtube. My slides (even the final version which I was unable to use during the presentation) can be found in the video description.


update 2015-12-31: I mention in the talk that I will release source code showing how you can detect the wakestates yourself. Now done. Pre-built binaries here and code on Github.

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  1. Chuck / Dune permalink
    August 12, 2016 11:44

    Really nice talk at Stniccc, thanks for the explanations !!!

  2. Aeon / Aura permalink
    January 3, 2017 23:26

    VERY impressive talk!!!

    After so many years of the ST… the hardware still has some secrets to reveal! WOW!!!

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