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March 7, 2014

At the top right of this site a new page has been added: projects. It will over time contain information on various software (mostly) and hardware creations of mine.

Right now it contains three:

  • Courier – a Minecraft Bukkit plugin I made in late 2011 that at its peak had an estimated hundred thousand players
  • LoSTE – an Atari ST demo from 2013 showcasing my 1337 low level coding skills
  • Dallas RTC – software written in 2014 to synchronise an Atari ST with a modern RTC, including a Y2K fix

If you’ve listened to one of my talks (see the media & appearances page) on disruptive innovation you’ve surely heard me talk about how doers are much more important than thinkers. A while back I realised that I was on the verge of only researching and implementing strategy – which while I’m very pleased with the results of is not what I want to be doing exclusively.

Always implement change starting with yourself.

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