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Not all that shines is gold

January 25, 2010

Apple might like to polish their user interfaces, but sometimes the logic underneath is … less polished.

I’ve had to transfer large amounts of data from one external USB disk to another today. Running Snow Leopard on an Intel Mac Mini. Guess which one of the following graphs show the faster method?

Apparently OSX Finder does read-to-mem, write-to-disk, read-to-mem, write-to-disk – serially. Path Finder, a replacement, is thus twice as fast since it transfers the data in a synchronous read-write operation.

(I’ve also realised that Activity Monitor, from which the above two screen grabs are taken, overstates the transfer rates with almost exactly 2x the actual speed)

Bad Apple.

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  1. July 6, 2010 5:31

    People use Mac because it is a fashion statement, not because it is a computer or a performance machine.
    A PC is far more reliable that way, just like any mp3 player has much better quality than ipod.
    Of course by not using Apple products one will not get the gay factor so highly sought after for some reason.

  2. phantomfive permalink
    November 21, 2012 6:17

    I do like Apple, I switched because it is a unix system with a good UI.
    With problems like this, I’ve been wanting to switch back to Linux. The only thing stopping me is poor support for typing international languages. :(

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