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The scariest thing I know

June 16, 2008

… is this diagram. It’s from probably the best climate blog I’ve ever read, and while there’s no question of the author’s own opinions it’s very well researched throughout. While I’ve claimed the sun to be the culprit behind not only most other climate shifts in history, but also the latest slight warming (that stopped in 1998!), it’s from reading Watt’s entries I’ve become more than sure.

However, the alarming signs that we might be looking at a global freeze – soon – instead of some nice warming is terrifying. Cold is a lot worse than warmth for human society – something Bjorn Lomborg has laid out nicely in his latest book.

Something .. switched off?

(Oh, btw. We’re also looking at a really quiet sun – sunspot wise – and the last time the sun was really really quiet the Thames in London froze over … )

edit: This entry has been updated with a later graph since first published

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  1. Ritzau permalink
    June 17, 2008 13:14

    Do you know for how long we have collected this kind of data? How far can we go back and see the real trends? Don’t worry I will not ask for proofs this time ;)

  2. jonas permalink
    November 2, 2008 21:49

    the problem here is that (1) you don’t really know this, you’re by far not an environmental expert so your “claims” doesn’t really amount to anything, rather, you’ve just fallen for the propaganda, and (2) scientific consensus disagrees with you.

  3. Peder permalink
    November 13, 2008 14:29

    jonas: Out of curiosity, what “scientific consensus” are you referring to? Please don’t insult us with the UN IPCC!

  4. jonas permalink
    November 26, 2008 10:25

    of course ipcc is irrelevant just because you say so! silliness.

    however, wikipedia knows more:

    trying to find a list of relevant parties that oppose this theory yields a list of single _individuals_, as opposed to finding parties that support the theory which yeilds a list of _organizations_.

    silliness indeed.

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