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It’s the sun, dammit!

March 16, 2007

I’ve just finished watching The Great Global Warming Swindlea Channel 4 documentary that basically states that something we’ve begun taking for granted, is really resting on shaky scientific grounds. [YouTube link]

Key arguments:

CO2 in the atmosphere lags behind temperature changes by about 800 years. It’s the old “correlation does not equal causation” again – there might indeed be causation between CO2 and temperature, it’s just the other way around.

CO2 lags behind temperature

The sun, that gigantic energetic nuclear furnace in the sky, is what’s driving Earth’s atmosphere:

The sun drives the changes

Thus, it’s really not surprising that we’re seeing the temperature and CO2 rise at the moment, since it’s about 800 years since the Medieval Maximum. (They have actually been rising since the late 18th century)

“The sun is driving climate change, CO2 is irrelevant” – Dr Piers Corbyn

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  1. March 17, 2007 3:05

    At least 90% of the program has nothing to do with the science surrounding climate change. Instead, it’s about a murky conspiracy about Mrs. Thatcher’s bribing scientists to lie about global warming and other governments’ doing the same, and an explanation that all environmentalists are communists who hate mankind in general and poor people in particular. Absolutely no evidence is presented to support any of these claims.

    The few minutes of information related to climate change is false or irrelevant. The only relevant point is the producer’s claim that, during the period 1940-1970, CO2 levels went up while temperature and solar activity went down. That actually is false: solar activity went up in 1940-1960. The reason for the temperature decline was aerosol pollutants in the atmosphere. More important, solar activity peaked again in 1980, but temperature has continued to rise. And the business about the troposphere temperatures is also false: an early analysis of the data had errors in it, which were fixed. This correction is well known; including this misinformation has to have been intentional.

    I’ve assembled the most reliable data I could find on a web page called Global Warming: A Guide for the Perplexed. Check it out and you’ll realize you’ve been snookered.

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