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[it’s teh ego trip]

[this page hasn’t been updated for the last year. sorry for that. the number of events I do has increased to the point where I don’t keep up]

2014-07-03/05: Survived the “Madrid hailstorm of 2014” while at Droidcon Madrid ;) Also managed to do a keynote (video to come I believe) and run a hackathon. The organizers made an interview with me than can be found in their event video where I got the opportunity to describe the importance for a company like ours to not only speak but to truly participate in the community.

2014-06-09/12: Attended Israel Mobile week 2014 which included a Mobile Monday, Mobile Summit and Droidcon. I held a session at the Droidcon part where I described how the research I’ve done on accelerating innovation can be applied to actual products and developer offerings appearing or about to appear on the market today.

— 19 months of parental leave. you know you want to live in Sweden —

2012-11-28: I spoke at the Mobile Future conference in Kista, detailing how human innovation has evolved throughout history and how technology has created new ways for our minds to rapidly launch and verify new thoughts. Innovation today happens faster than society can keep up with, and thus it’s very likely that tomorrow’s next great idea is in a legal grey area today. Report in Swedish can be found here.

2012-10-29/30: For the third year in a row I was at Telematics Munich comparing the transition happening in the car industry to the one that happened a few years back in mobile. Openness will win, and user needs will trump safe driving requirements.

2012-09-12/13: TelecomCity held two tracks at their yearly conference, called Catwalk and Devcon. I made a presentation at Catwalk, where the focus of the day was on innovation. I talked about the ‘box’ we’re always supposed to think outside of – what is it really, what defines the boundaries. The presentation itself wasn’t recorded, but the organizers did an interview with me available here (in Swedish).

2012-04-18/19: One of many interesting areas where mobile makes inroads is in car connectivity. At Content & Apps for Automotive I participated in a panel exploring whether embedded systems, controlled mobile connectivity or even a fully consumer controlled mobile experience will become the norm. Sorry, no [free] video.

2012-01-26: Packbridge and Media Evolution had a joint half day on connecting packaging and mobile where I presented on the history and possible future of communication. The presentation was filmed and promptly made available. (Audio quality is so/so).

2011-11-11/13: In Seville, Spain, at the second largest web conference in Europe – EBE11 – I had the opportunity to do a keynote on the future of innovation and communication. The conference had “Society and changes beyond the web” as a theme and I believe my presentation fit right in. The recorded live stream from the conference is available for viewing.

2011-11-09/10: There are interesting correlations between changes that has happened in the mobile industry and are now happening in the automotive industry. I made a talk at Telematics Munich 2011 on how this might impact new technology developments in the form of windshield and visor Augmented Reality. The talk was unfortunately not recorded.

2011-05-24: I did a talk at the Disruptive Change conference in Stockholm on where communication will take our innovation in the future – and how we both can and must prepare ourselves and our business for that … disruptive change. The organizers produced great videos of all the talks and mine can be seen here. A list of all the books I mentioned was requested and promptly made available at pastebin.

2011-03-19/20: When the grid opened for the unconference Webcoast I managed to fight my way through the chaos and reserved a slot where I talked about Distributed Innovation. Joakim Jardenberg made an excellent job as usual with Bambuser and the whole presentation is available for viewing.

2011-03-09/10: At the yearly EASE conference I did a keynote called Distributed Innovation as a mind opener and introduction to the planning activities by researchers and industry participants.

2010-11-03/04: I was at Telematics Munich, where I participated in a panel on how mobile can extend the in-car environment.

2010-09-29: H+ Lund invited me to speak at their weekly Wednesday gathering. The topic I selected was Distributed minds – innovation at speed and with such a creative and futuristic crowd the resulting discussions were extremely engaging. There’s either a paper or a video in the future on this topic.

2010-09-13: I made a presentation on the topic of Openness in the mobile industry at a Mobile Monday event in Malmö. I discussed not only the apparent changes in the mobile ecosystem but also tried to answer a few questions as to why those changes occured, and what it really means for the future. At 11:20 in this (stored) live broadcast the presentation begins, and here’s a writeup from Sony Ericsson’s development organization on the event. Slides will be made available

2010-05-14: Made a presentation on the topic of Open Innovation at ThoughtMade in Malmö, Sweden. Unfortunately there was a problem with the video and at least currently there’s none to link to. Slides available as usual.

2010-05-03: ThoughtMade did a quick pre-event interview with me regarding innovation and the Öresund region.

2010-03-26: I made a keynote on the future of “open” at an Open Innovation conference in Belfast. My slides are available here and an audience member was kind enough to video the presentation and upload to YouTube: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

2010-03-09/10: I participated in the opening panel at Open Mobility in San Francisco, discussing open source device deployment and the evolution of the mobile (?) operating system. I tried to put a lot of focus on the gift economy part of openness being at least as important as the gold economy part.

2009-12-01/02: Held a keynote at the Ericsson Rational User Conference (ERUC) 2009 in Kista, Stockholm, on the topic of how openness changes the landscape of development and how this affects everyone in the chain including tools suppliers.

2009-09-15/16: Participated in a panel on the monetization of Open Source as well as did a keynote presentation on the future of open source in mobile at OSiM 2009 in Amsterdam. My slides are available for viewing and downloading here.

2009-03-04: Participated in a panel (moderated by Lars Erik Holmquist) at Mobile Life regarding “Mobile Glasnost” together with Martin Vendel (Squace), Martin Körling (Ericsson), Johan Wickman (TeliaSonera). A colleague recorded the whole panel using his mobile, viewable here (38 min)

2008-12-18: Interviewed by What’s Next on the subject of the future of mobile, at the Moving Media Southern Sweden inauguration. Video (in Swedish) here. (12 min, I come on at 4:26)

2008-12-10: Participated in a panel on the mobile ecosystem as well as spoke on the subject of “Personalisation through Open Source” at the Mobile Applications and Operating Systems conference (MAPOS) in London. No video available unfortunately.

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