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Fountain of Youth – the two month update

December 26, 2016

Today it’s exactly two months since I started on my “Elysium Basis” regime. Since quite a few of my friends have asked me to write an update on my thoughts about it – here it is.

I’m still of the opinion that I have more energy. I’m also confident in the “smoother skin” effect, although I’m unsure as to whether it’s because it actually is or if I just, for some reason, experience it to be.

Just as before I’ve stayed away from researching what effects I should/could expect, only looking them up once I’ve noticed a change to see if others might’ve as well. And so the third thing I’ve noticed so far is …

Alright. Before I write this I need to make a disclaimer: The effect is very slight – I do not think it will become noticeable to anyone but myself. I’d hate for anyone I know to rush out and by these supplements just because of this blog post, so please, don’t.

With that said, I seem to have some hair regrowth where the hairline has receded over the last decade. Some. A little. Most likely not noticeable if you don’t, like me, see my face in the mirror every day.

Now on to the negatives, if they are. I think my energy levels are lower than what they were a few weeks ago. I also have some “body ache”. I’ve seen others claim that this could happen if you have a methylation pathway problem, and indeed I do. Thanks to “DNA-testing” (SNP, through 23andme and Genetic Genie) I know that I have homozygote mutations affecting my methylation. I’m not sure what to make of this, currently I’m waiting to see if it gets better/worse. Since I suffer from SAD I also know better than to make too much about what I feel during the darkest months of the year (I’m no longer on SSRIs as described in that post).

tl;dr: I’m still taking NR+Pterostilbene, and will continue to do so for the moment.

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